The Bruno Coffee Stores story starts in 2008 with its first branch on the Iroon Politechniou street from the chain’s founder Kostas Anastasiou. The development of the brand is based from the very beginning in four principles Quality, Respect to the Customer, Supplier, staff, and the environment , Expertise for all operations and production and innovation in research and development of new products.

Even before the opening of the first store we had devoted hundreds of hours in research and testing to create the unique and exclusive recipes, that were the basis for our beverages, sweets and snacks that make up Bruno’s catalogue. Time was dedicated for combinations of raw materials, machinery and equipment before we arrive at specific choices that is the very core of our expertise.

Particular importance was given to the selection criteria of the staff and personnel, for the education and training program, for the proper transmission work practices for each position in the organization chart of shops and for Bruno’s philosophy.


We are passionate about coffee. So we try every time you enjoy a Bruno coffee, the experience remains the same, wonderful and memorable.

To achieve this we train our staff systematically, focusing on a good coffee combined with a warm smile.

We give the same emphasis to the atmosphere that is warm and intimate. A modern environment where everyone can feel comfortable spending time with friends or just relaxing with a newspaper.

But we do not offer only coffee. Each day we are creating in our kitchen, with the freshest ingredients, our own snacks and sweets, all handmade!

And because we are trying to become better, we are listening to all the recommendations carefully and puting them into practice.

In short, Bruno means, enjoyable free time for all hours of the day.